June 12, 2014 - rob

Monitor vsftp connections


Add the following two lins to the vsftpd.conf file


The first one allows you to monitor all current sessions along with what’s going on in the session, what’s the source IP, etc, by simply listing the current processes:

ps ax | grep vsftpd | grep -v grep

Or, if you prefer:

watch -n 1 'ps ax | grep vsftpd | grep -v grep'


  • Note: If there are no current connections these commands will not show any results.
ps ax | grep vsftpd | grep -v grep
32668 ? S 0:00 vsftpd: LISTENER
985 ? Ss 0:00 vsftpd: connected
989 ? S 0:00 vsftpd: IDLE

The second one will reveal vsftpd sessions using the “last” command.