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Install the Intel Graphic Driver on Linux Mint 17

Install Intel Linux Drivers 1.0.8 on Linux Mint 17.1


Installation Intel Drivers 1.0.8 on Rebecca
sudo nano /etc/lsb-release (replace all of the following):
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ubuntu Utopic Unicorn (development branch)”
sudo apt-get install libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0:i386
echo “deb utopic main #Intel Graphics drivers” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/intellinuxgraphics.list
wget –no-check-certificate -O – | sudo apt-key add –
wget –no-check-certificate -O – | sudo apt-key add –
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo intel-linux-graphics-installer
The old way
The Intel Graphic Driver Installer tool is meant only for Ubuntu. However, it can be used on Linux Mint systems as well but it requires some editing. The reason why the Intel tool cannot be used under Linux Mint is that the fiile lsb-release contains “the wrong info” for the Intel Graphic Driver Installer tool. This file needs to be editing in order to get the installer tool to work under Linux Mint.
The content of the file lsb-release for Linux Mint 17 should be:


Follow the steps bellow to edit the lsb-release file:
  • Open a terminal
  • Type the following command:
    sudo cp /etc/lsb-release /etc/lsb-release.bak
  • Now open the file for editing:For Cinnamon:
    gksudo gedit /ect/lsb-release

    For MATE:
    gksudo pluma /ect/lsb-release

  • replace the first 3 lines with the lines shown below:
  • Now save and close the file
  • Do not close the terminal since we still need the terminal.

The Intel Graphic Installer tool can be installed. This can be done following the steps below:

    • In the terminal type the following commands (first the wget command and secondly the sudo command):

Linux Mint 17:

For 32bit/i386 systems:
wget -O intel-graphics-32tt.deb
sudo dpkg -i intel-graphics-32tt.deb
For 64bit/AMD64:
wget -O intel-graphics-64tt.deb
sudo dpkg -i intel-graphics-64tt.deb

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