March 10, 2016 - rob

Pac Manager – the linux server manager

For years I have been looking for a all in one windows / linux / vnc solution to administrate different working environments.   Windows has mRemote and quite a few others.   While linux had a slim few, none really worked all that well.    This week, I came across pac manager, and so far it has worked to perfection.

PAC (Perl Auto Connector) Manager is a open source tool in Linux like operating system, which provides GUI (graphical user interface) to manage ssh,telnet, sftp, rdesktop, vnc,remote-tty & ftp sessions. In other words we can say that PAC Manager is alternate tool of Window’s Secure CRT & Putty in Linux.

To install it, follow these instructions:

sudo dpkg -i pac-

If you get errors during the install, run the command below and reinstall.
sudo apt-get install -f